maandag 17 november 2008

En de winaar is.... / And the winner is.....

........ AMY (Stampin'Stuff) realy sorry but I forgot my camera to show you the draw :(

Congratulations girl! I hope you like the candy! I have to go away for 2 days so I make the package ready at Thursday and send it to you! Pleas, e-mail me your name and adress at

Thanks to all who entered my blogcandy, I realy appreciated it!!

Iedereen die meegedaan heeft, ontzettend bedankt, ik heb het heel erg gewaardeerd!

XOXO Renata

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Amy zei

I am just so stunned! Thank you so much Renata! I really have never won anything in my life and this candy is AMAZING! WOOHOOO! Suddenly, you have made going to work today a whole lot less painful! When it gets here though going to work will be rather difficult... I'll want to stay home and play!!